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RDR possesses an expert team of rebar estimators and detailers who work diligently to make each project a huge success be it a small, complex or large. RDR aims at building continued partnerships with its clients, by ensuring delivery of high quality, accurate, precise rebar estimation and detailing services within the pre-decided budget and time.

With through knowledge of the requisite Standards, and experience gained over the years while working for the largest multinational firms to mid-sized and small companies around the globe, RDR has been providing Error-Free Drawings and precise estimates to Material Fabricators and Suppliers, Contractors and Builders. The core team at RDR comprises of expert engineers, holding degrees in Civil Engineering from reputed institutes. With a combined experience counting to 15 + years and on the-job technical expertise, RDR provides the services like


Rebar Estimation

RDR have consistently delivered accurate and quality estimates to contractors or fabricators. Using proprietary and specialist software, RDR precise estimates as early providing enough time of our clients to prepare for the bidding process, besides reducing the work to be done from the client's side. Our estimates have won the bids mostly and the contracts been awarded to our customers and we were given the detailing process.

Estimation process

RDR have been providing estimation services for Rebar quantities and tonnage, including accessories, for the following type of projects.

  • Refineries
  • High rise& Mid rise
  • Parking garages
  • Tunnels , Roadways, Bridges & Flyovers
  • Retaining walls , Renovation works
  • Caissons and Piles
  • Schools, Colleges
  • Water treatment plant
  • Residential areas, Townhomes and Villas
  • Commercial buildings, Hotels & Towers

Rebar Detailing

RDR has vast experience in delivering accurate and affordable rebar detailing services with Quality and Consistency at all times. Understanding the importance to provide Accurate detailing, RDR works meticulously with its team on analyzing the need and provides the data based on requirement. Our rebar detailing services include:

  • Rebar concrete and Field placement Shop Drawings
  • Bar bending schedules
  • Foundation drawings
  • Caisson and Piling drawings
  • Masonry wall drawings
  • As Built drawings
  • Retaining wall drawings
  • Civil works drawings

BIM & 3D Detailing

RDR puts to use, the latest 3D software, to work with any 2D or 3D drawings and develop solutions suitable and compatible for import in to any Building Information Model (BIM). This helps in advance planning and arrive at the most optimal reinforcing steel layouts and pour programmes in the early stage of the project, thus helping to achieve the most programme and cost benefits .

By taking the project BIM and adding the reinforcing steel model to it, the areas of complexity too can be identified and resolved or simplified prior to the arrival of steel. Also as the missing bars can be identified easily, and any errors on the drawings can be rectified prior to the process of the bars being cut, thus wastages and damages were avoided. The model also indicates any conflicts or clashes, which would be identified, if put through the software.

Software Conversion

RDR provides Detailing services and make the documents compatible to be used in the software's currently in place or in the software's to which the data has to be migrated. We provide these services to global clients including Companies in Engineering Architecture, Construction domains, EPC companies and Rebar Fabricators.

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